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Who is BoomTow?

We are a team of laid-back software developers with extensive experience in developing software solutions in some of the most demanding industries. Our business knowledge coupled with our passion for software development brings our valued clients state-of-the-art software that not only solves a problem, it makes they’re job easier.


BoomTow was born out of an increasing demand for a software that provides customizable and scalable solutions for the management of vehicle parking, towing and repossessions. We create the technology solutions you want and need, it’s that simple.


We take pride in our technology solutions and we aim to meet your needs in the most efficient manner possible. With a focus on excellence, from functionality to ease of use, our detail oriented methodology is second to none. We research, develop and ultimately create the most comprehensive software for the following areas;


Our parking management software rocks and it generates money for your property! Property managers and the parking enforcement and towing partners they work with can seamlessly manage and enforce parking rules for each property, all in an easy to use platform that allows you to work efficiently, giving you more time to focus on other areas of property management. Our iQ Parking Decals not only make managing parking at your property even easier, it generates income for your property too!


Our software was built with useful features allowing your towing company office staff and tow truck drivers to work efficiently, covering all details of private property impounds, from managing impounds to calculating invoice totals, our software does it all. Packed with features, our software handles every step of private property towing, giving you more time to focus on generating income.


Our repossession software aims to eliminate the fragmented technology options currently available in the market. Our focus is to provide one software solution for the repossession industry that encompasses all the features needed to get the job done. Starting from the ground up, our repossession software gives you full control of all aspects of your repossession business and our goal is to give you the necessary tools to work more efficiently than ever before.

Parking Management Software

100% FREE

Our parking management software is available at no cost to property owners & managers. You get full access to every feature for the most advanced parking management software option available, and because our system is fully scalable, your growth and expansion is welcomed.

Parking Management Software

Generate Revenue

If you think having access to our parking management software for free is a great option, it gets even better when you can generate income for your property with our iQ Parking Decals. Our custom iQ Parking Decals with QR Code technology and sequential numbering seamlessly integrate with our software, giving you even more parking management options while providing additional revenue.

Parking Management Software


We know property managers are busy, and we built our parking management software to save you time. Every feature was built with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Full of robust tools and features, our software reduces the time your office staff engages in managing a well organized parking system in your community, while giving you full control in a purpose built platform to fit your needs.

Private Property Towing

Reasonable Fees

Our commission based fees don’t lock you in a monthly payment plan that doesn’t adjust to your revenue. Our service only charges a commission for each private property impound your towing company receives and the commission amount is based on how many tows you get. This means your fees are based on your workload, so you only pay when you earn money.

Private Property Towing

Consistent Income

We are rapidly increasing our list of clients using our software for their parking management needs. This indicates a growing need for reputable towing companies that can provide towing services in various communities. Don’t leave money on the table and join us to increase your revenue today.

Private Property Towing


BoomTow gives you the technology needed in the fast paced towing industry. We understand time is money and our robust features handle the workload with ease, giving you more time to be on the road earning more revenue for your business.

Repossession Software


Our repossession software aims to keep up with the fast paced repossession industry. Managing every aspect of your business is important and having software with the tools and features needed to handle the work efficiently is crucial. Our software gives you more control at your fingertips, making your job easier while you focus on making money.

Repossession Software

Reasonable Fees

Our commission based fees don’t lock you in a monthly payment plan that doesn’t adjust to your revenue. Our service only charges a commission for each repossession your company completes and the commission fee adjusts based on that amount. This means your fees are based on your workload. In other words, we only earn money when you earn money.

Repossession Software

Scalable Platform

The repossession industry is fast paced and our software is just as fast. Built on a scalable platform, BoomTow is ready to meet your needs as your company grows. Plus we're constantly adding new features to help keep your business ahead of the competition.


Parking Spaces

Total Decals



Parking Management

BoomTow has everything you need to keep your property’s parking area organized, and with seamless integration to the parking monitor and towing company, keeping control of your property’s parking lot is easy.

iQ Parking Decals

Our iQ Parking Decals are an excellent revenue option for your property, making your choice to use BoomTow an even easier one. Our customizable parking decals contain a QR code and come with sequential numbering.

Private Property Towing

BoomTow gives you all the tools necessary to manage your private property impounds. Complete integration between the property manager, the parking lot monitor, and the towing company makes managing your impounds simple. From towing to invoicing, we have you covered.


Our repossession software makes collecting your data simple. Log all of your repossessions with ease, and say goodbye to those spreadsheets. Technology is rapidly changing the repossession industry and our software is part of that change. Join us as we continue to expand our tools and features to give you the most comprehensive and robust repossession software available.

BoomTow iQ Decals

iQ Parking Decals

Our customizable iQ Parking Decals with QR codes and sequential numbering seamlessly and securely integrate with our software, giving you more parking and resident management options while providing additional revenue opportunities for your property.



We take data security seriously and our iQ Parking Decals provide secure variable data for the ultimate in parking management options. Unlike other parking management software companies, we do not share your data with third party companies during production of the parking decals. We generate our own codes and safeguard all of the data in our secure servers. In addition, scanning our iQ Parking Decals will not share any resident data with users not securely logged in and authorized within our software.

If keeping your resident data private and secure is important, our iQ Parking Decals are the best choice.



Our iQ Parking Decals aren't just smart, they are intelligent data driven tools that offer a dynamic set of features for the utmost in parking management options. Each of our variable data QR codes are optimized to securely hold unique data related to each vehicle or vessel, giving your staff immediate access to information for the most complete parking management options in the industry.

Furthermore, our decals automate many of the daily tasks management has to deal with on a daily basis, such as deactivating a decal after a resident’s lease or vehcile / vessel tag has already expired.



Our powerful iQ Parking Decals offer your property management team the opportunity to generate a significant recurring revenue stream, while managing permit renewals is automated, allowing your management team to save time while continuing to generate additional income for your property.


Contact us to learn how easy it is to generate revenue with our iQ Parking Decals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BoomTow cost?

Parking Software:
Enjoy our custom BoomTow Parking Management software 100% FREE! Our turnkey platform is designed to satisfy your needs today, and will continue to scale as the industry and your needs require it.

Towing Software:
Fees vary according to the size of your business. We exhort you to please contact us at (562) 646-7323 for more information.

Repossession Software:
Cost varies according to the size of your business. We exhort you to please contact us at (562) 646-7323 for more information.

Is BoomTow Customizable?

We built BoomTow to meet and exceed the needs of each industry we cater to. Our software has plenty of tools and features that allow customization to fit your needs. We are always updating our software to keep up with industry demands and meeting the growing needs of our valued clients, and since we aim to please, we’re always happy to hear your suggestions for new tools and features.

Can BoomTow be accessed from anywhere?

BoomTow was built to meet the needs of multiple fast-paced industries. Part of meeting those needs was a requirement that our software be accessible from multiple devices from any location. As a result, BoomTow is a secure web-based software that allows access from any smart-phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection, giving you the convenience and flexibility you need at the touch of your fingertip.

Is BoomTow secure?

Our software is coded to meet and exceed industry security standards. We take the security of the data entrusted to us seriously, and always maintain our system with the most advanced security features, such as protecting user passwords by encrypting them with advanced hashing and salting technologies. BoomTow also has an SSL certificate to allow a secure encrypted connection.

Is there a BoomTow demo?

We love the opportunity to showcase the many features that make BoomTow the fastest growing parking management, towing and repossession software on the market.

Do you offer technical support?

We value your business and our goal is to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. We have a Contact form that you may use to reach out to us for any questions, concerns or suggestions. Our support team is available 7 days a week, from 8AM ET to 8PM ET, and response time is within 2 hours.

We also offer reasonably priced Personalized Support with access to a dedicated representative to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your business up and running.

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